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Behind the scenes

Welcome to behind the scenes on a tour of our fabulous digital printers right here in the North of England where Hannah’s designs are transformed from digital designs into gorgeous natural fabrics ready to be brought back to Yorkshire for cutting and sewing into final products. The family run printing business was founded over 50 years ago in this small northern town where traditional screen printing methods are used alongside new innovative printing technology which allow fabrics to be printed with myriads of colours and in large scale repeats, ideal for Hannah’s watercolour designs. We were delighted to be able to follow the route of the designs which are first loaded onto the printing machines and printed onto specially coated...

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The journey of the limited edition rosehip print

 The story of the rosehip print began on a morning walk with the dog. I love berry colours, particularly when everything else has lost its colour and has turned green or brown, so when I spotted these colourful rosehips in the hedgerow I snapped some photographs. Back in the studio I got to work with the watercolours... I wanted to create a design which could me made into a half drop repeat for use in curtain fabrics. Creating leaf shapes with different intensities of colour helped to create a feeling of depth in the painting.  After finishing the painting I scanned my work into the computer and began to work it into a repeat print.  It took a while but...

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