Bring the outside in with house plants

September is upon us and that invariably means that we all spend less time out in the garden surrounded by flowers. However keeping house plants can be a great way to surround yourself with foliage and flowers all year around, whether your a fan of herbs, ferns or flowering plants. 

Our new waterproof fabric plant pots are a great way to add even more colour to your windowsills and shelves, whatever plants you are fond of. 

Hannah's waterproof fabric plant pots with heather and pansy designs

With their thick waterproof lining they are perfect for keeping plants in provided you either use a saucer under your plant or take the plant out when watering to remove excess water. 

Heather waterproof plant pots with stone and pink linings

Even if you're not green fingered you can use the pots as pretty storage for kitchens, sewing rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms. 

Fabric Plant Pots by Hannah Knapton, pansy, heather and ivy designs

There are a range of designs to choose from with small and large options as well as lining colour choices. 

We love these green fern leaves and the streptocarpus flowers with the bold pansy design....

Pansy Plant Pot Small and Large

Fresh green ferns and white cyclamen flowers co-ordinate well with the butterfly and bracken design plant pots. 

Butterfly and bracken waterproof fabric plant pots with fern and cyclamen plants

 We hope you love them as much as we do!


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