The journey of the limited edition rosehip print

The story of the rosehip print began on a morning walk with the dog. I love berry colours, particularly when everything else has lost its colour and has turned green or brown, so when I spotted these colourful rosehips in the hedgerow I snapped some photographs.

Back in the studio I got to work with the watercolours...

I wanted to create a design which could me made into a half drop repeat for use in curtain fabrics. Creating leaf shapes with different intensities of colour helped to create a feeling of depth in the painting. 

After finishing the painting I scanned my work into the computer and began to work it into a repeat print. 

It took a while but eventually I came up with a repeating design that I liked. I used this for my fabric repeat and chose a section to be used specifically for the cushion. 

Finally the design was printed onto high quality linen fabric at a UK digital printing studio.

Limited Edition Rosehip Fabric

Back in the studio I handmade the cushion using matching linen fabric reverse, concealed invisible zipper and filled it with a luxury duck feather pad.  

Limited Edition Rosehip Cushion

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